Nucleus is a JavaScript application meant to be installed with NPM and run on Node. It has some other module dependencies as well which could require additional system features. For Nucleus itself, the lowest we tested was a MacOS system running Node ~ 0.12.

Global installation

To always have Nucleus at hand, install it globally and use it for all your projects.

npm i -g nucleus-styleguide

Per-project installation

To have separate Nucleus installations on a per project basis, add it to the project.json file or install it as a dev dependency.

npm i --save-dev nucleus-styleguide

This documentation is assuming you've installed Nucleus globally. If you've decided for the local setup, you've got to run it like

node ./node_modules/.bin/nucleus

A handy shortcut

For easier access, define a script in your package.json

"scripts": { "styleguide": "nucleus --config config.nucleus.json" }

Run it as easy as

npm run styleguide

Adding a configuration

With Nucleus, it's a piece of cake to create a new configuration. Just go with the built-in setup.

nucleus init

If you like to stay away from wizards, head over to the configuration section